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how to create a speaker from scratch

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  • how to create a speaker from scratch

    tried this great tutorial that i found on the web
    if you are interested, please leave your e-mail details and i will send the tutorial in pdf format
    regards exo
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    Not really a photo-related tip, but thanks regardless.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Hey that's pretty cool Looks pretty realistic.


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        cool tutorial! I now have a much better understanding of Layer Styles then I did before. here's what I created:

        - David
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          So this IS related to photo editing?

          David -- is that RP for RetouchPRO? Looks like it was built that way.


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            hmm, yeah, not really sure where this thread should be located.
            You guessed it CJ, the RP is for RetouchPro of course It's really neat to find out what you can build up from scratch in photoshop, I'm quite happy with the results I got.

            - David
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              David, great job! Can you tell us how you got the interference pattern in the center?



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                thanks Phyllis!
                It's a bit complicated, but yep, here's how to do it:
                first you need to create the pattern:

                1. File>New 15x15 pixels, Contents: Transparent.
                2. Make Black your foreground color and Select All (ctrl+A)
                3. Edit> Stroke, 2 pixels, Color: Black (drag selector to bottom left corner) , Location: Inside, Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%
                4. Image> Image Size, resize to 3 pixels
                5. Deselect all
                6. Edit> Define Pattern, Name: Grid (or whatever you want to call it)

                Now that you have your pattern, creat a new image (whatever size you want maybe 250x250 pixels for this example)
                and make a selection with the Eliptical Marquee Tool. Now choose the Paint Bucket tool, choose Fill: Pattern, Pattern: (choose the one you created, it should show up in your patterns drop down list). Now click inside your selection, and it should fill with the Grid pattern. now go to Filter> Distort> Pinch and choose whatever percentage you want in the "Amount" area for the look you're going for then apply the filter.

                - David


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                  excellent work

                  well done david
                  this is great work
                  now, could you build a real one please
                  regards exo


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                    Create Speaker

                    I would like the tutorial for making a speaker. Can u pls send me the PDF file to [email protected]



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                      Thanks for bringing this thread back to the top. I was looking for a way to make a grid and couldn't think of how to do it. Now I can do some of the bead pattern designing I've been trying to do.

                      Take care, Margaret


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                        Interested of complete pdf tutorial

                        Please send it to [email protected]

                        It will be greatly appreciated!

                        Thank you!


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                          Re: how to create a speaker from scratch

                          Really would like that .pdf if you still have it!


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                            Re: how to create a speaker from scratch

                            Appreciated if I could receive a copy of the tutorial at [email protected] cheers.


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                              Re: how to create a speaker from scratch

                              This is a thread from 2002 and the OP hasn't posted recently.

                              Try this tutorial:


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