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Green in the shadows!

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  • Green in the shadows!

    Hey people

    i'm a headshot photographer and often encounter a problem I feel like in some of the shadows on the skin there is often a yucky green cast which I'm not sure of the best way to fix, I've attached a file and you may be able to see on her right side of her chin it'd a nit darker...

    Any tips and techniques on how I could rectify this would be great!

    any other things you think could be improved on the re-touch also I'm open to suggestions and plite criticism, remember these are for professional actors and need to look realistic not beauty!

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    Re: Green in the shadows!

    I dropped your image into Adobe Camera Raw in CS6 and white balanced it.
    I don't know what you shoot with or if you shoot raw, but you could do a custom white balance in camera under the lighting you are using or at least
    shoot a shot with a gray card in in image and balance in raw.
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      Re: Green in the shadows!

      Perhaps it is just personal preference but i think too much red is more of a problem for realism than green.

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        Re: Green in the shadows!

        try processing twice, on one split tone the green cast out and layer them in Photoshop. Mask out the greenish areas.


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          Re: Green in the shadows!

          i believe your talking about the green in the skin shadows.
          zoom in very close to the color
          open a Hue/Sat Adj layer use the Adjustment Tool and touch the brightest off color green you see. yellow is what it opened.
          Change the mode to Hue
          top slide to the left -19
          now adjust the sliders at the bottom. make the center thin then bring n the out side sliders.
          now grab the center and slide the group one way to the other.
          your looking for where the center sliders should be located. move one way to find the biggest change. now play with that sides outer slide. Grab center and move back and forth again. the biggest color side is done. now work the other side.

          re adjust Hue slide

          invert mask> use soft brush on mask.

          hope the helps