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how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?

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  • crazyfly1
    Re: how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?

    Without a photo it's hard to tell. It sounds like hue saturation is your best bet. Use that drop down menu that says master. Set it to any color, now click on a color you want to change in the image. Then push saturation all the way up and move hue to turn the color you want to work on to a different color. Say you're working on skin, pull hue down to turn the skin blue. Now you can use the color sliders at the bottom to zero in on your target color. You can use the alt key to split the sliders. Once you've zero'd in on the color set your hue and sat the way you want them. Work on a separate layer and if there is color bleed you can mask it out.

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  • PastBCPresent
    Re: how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?

    I agree I used curves predominately. Also selective color or hue/saturation can be used depending on the situation. You may need to use masks and selections.

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  • pimiento
    Re: how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?

    You should work on your mastery with CURVES!

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  • mantra
    started a topic how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?

    how can i reduce color predominance/dominance?


    is there a way to reduce or remove color (or a range of color) predominance/dominance?

    i did a search for a video on youtube , and i didn't find it

    i tried with the eyedropper to select a color , solid color ,blend exclusion but nothing


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