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Urgently need help with this redskin problem

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  • Urgently need help with this redskin problem

    Did a shoot yesterday with a model that developed this nasty red rash shortly before the shoot started and which seemed to get worse as the shoot progressed. I am still new retouching so an idiots guide on how I would deal with this problem would be very much appreciated[email protected]/7240315830/


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    Re: Urgently need help with this redskin problem

    ... ouch...

    1) original
    2) Adj.Layer: Selective Colour : Reds : Black:-50%
    3) + manually: dodge (midtones 50%, faded at 30%) to restore luminosity, and a couple of "patches" (Patch Tool) to restore texture.


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      Re: Urgently need help with this redskin problem

      Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I talked to the poor girl again today and although the pain has gone she is still left with the rash. She is going to the doctors!


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