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  • Dodge & Burn Issue

    Hi dear community,

    I've got some serious issues at dodge & burn for the time.

    I'm doing D&B with 2 adj. layers and brush settings of either 30%Op & 5% flow or 50%opacity/3%flow. I'm using pen&tablet and I am already extremely careful.
    I'm using a black&white help layer with reds down and yellows slightly up, to really see the difference. It doesn't matter if I'm dodging or burning, nearly everytime when it looks even and good in B&W, I can clearly see the dodged&burned areas.
    Darken curve output is at about 100, input 150
    Lighten curve input 150, output.

    How can I avoid this problem? Lower the brush settings even more? Lower the curves? (what I want to avoid because the chance that I'll get to the limit is to high)

    Am thankful for any advice!

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    Re: Dodge & Burn Issue

    You attachments are microscopic - way to small to see any detail. Try posting a larger sample. Your sample is only 5KB and you are permitted 100KB or 200KB as a Patron Member. You can also post a link to an external site.


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      Re: Dodge & Burn Issue

      Woops, then there was something wrong with the upload. Sorry, but that wasn't my intention!


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        Re: Dodge & Burn Issue

        Your problem is your visualization / help layer. See the attachment. Yours is the bottom one but it should look like mine (top one).
        To create a proper one, add a Hue-Sat adjustment layer (or Vibrance layer) on top of the stack (I only show a Dodge Curve). Drag the Sat slider all the way to the left to completely desaturate. Set the blend mode of the layer to either Hue.
        I wold use an Opacity of more like 20% and a flow of 10% on this image.
        Another suggestion I have: your original appears a bit dark and the skin tone is very pink / magenta. You will make your work easier and more effective by making a global brightness and Color adjustment before beginning your D&B work.
        Cheers, Murray
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