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Changing colour, but maintain texture

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  • Tony W
    Re: Changing colour, but maintain texture

    I would still prefer making this type of gross adjustment in Lab as described in the thread quoted above. In this case you will need to mask the area to change as it is so close to the flesh tones Blend if will not be successful.

    Difficult to tell from the small image posted here how much texture in the original and of course going from a very light image to very dark will require some good curving in the L channel to retain the required amount of texture/detail - colour should be no problem though.

    Attached quick play wait a few seconds for change to blue then black
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  • jklier
    Re: Changing colour, but maintain texture

    Check out this thread which has extensive discussion on the topic:

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  • stedders
    started a topic Changing colour, but maintain texture

    Changing colour, but maintain texture

    I will add the usual caveat, in that I appreciate that there is not a "model" answer but I would welcome to hear viewpoints.

    My task is to recolour the model's top – from cream / beige to dark blue / black, but obviously I need to make sure I keep the texture.

    Any help / suggestions gratefully received
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