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  • Saving jpg

    Hi there,

    I use PhotoShop CS3 and usually work with 100mb, 16 bit RGB scanned files, saved as tif. I'm also using XP Pro, sp3.

    I want to create some canvas prints for Christmas gifts and the web based printers need 8bit, sRGB, jpg files. No problems there. Assign a new profile and boost the colours a bit, reduce to 8 bit and save as a jpg.

    But, and here is the thing, when the PS Save As box opens in Explorer and I select the format as jpg, I get a message saying that the file already exists and do I want to overwrite it? Well, it does not exist; if I select No, I'm back to the unsaved image; if I select Yes, an icon for the image appears in Bridge, but there is no file extension and it will not open.

    However, if I change the Save As box to 'Use Adobe Dialog', I can save the file as a jpg.

    This has only recently happened and I would rather save within the Explore dialog box, as I have always done in the past.

    Grateful for any suggestions,



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