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Beginning question on proper conversion procedure

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  • Beginning question on proper conversion procedure

    Question may sound silly but what is usual retouching practice (if shooting in RAW) and retouch in LR + PS:

    1. Open RAW in LR, adjust image globally, export to JPEG, open in PS and continue locally (skin, D/B, sharpening etc.)

    2. Open RAW in LR, adjust image globally, open as smart object in PS and continue locally

    3. Open RAW in LR, adjust image globally, export as 16-bit TIFF, open in PS and continue locally

    I used to use workflow no.1, but saw some tutorials where images were loaded as RAW smart objects so now i'm confused what is the best practice to preserve as much quality before final flatten and save .jpg.


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    Re: Beginning question on proper conversion proced

    Well my usual pipeline pretty much looks like this:

    Open in a raw processor -> adjust -> output to a TIFF file, 8/16-bit depending on what I do -> Open in Photoshop, save as PSD, continue work -> flatten, save as TIFF, keep the layered file if needed.


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      Re: Beginning question on proper conversion proced

      Do as much work as humanly possible in the raw converter! There is no difference doing this or making a Smart Object, you are just embedding a big raw file into the Photoshop doc, then calling up ACR to tweak it. I think it makes more sense to fully use the raw converter then render the image to a high bit, wide gamut TIFF and do the work in Photoshop that only Photoshop is useful for (precise retouching). And if you use say Lightroom and ACR, Smart Collections kind of fall apart IF you have differing versions (say LR3 and ACR7). The processing isn't in sync.

      JPEG is really only useful for sizing down the data, reducing the high bit etc. For small web presentations, great. For a master image to work on in Photoshop, no way.


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