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  • Hi contrast look

    Could you tell me any techniques that I can achive hi contrast look without loosing any details (or not too destroying?)

    Example: - video from session.

    Example 2 :

    I played with curves and Luminosity masks... tryied some dodge and burn technique... still not satisfied with the results...
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    Re: Hi contrast look

    From your examples, I'm seeing high contrast with reduced overall color saturation.
    After you increase contrast with a curve adjustment layer, try adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer on top. Reduce the color saturation overall (that's the middle slider) to compensate for the increased contrast.


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      Re: Hi contrast look

      I know how to saturate image But it's still no key to this kind of contrasty look.


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        Re: Hi contrast look

        Looks like a combination of a few things. The key is to work with adjustment layers so you do not destroy the original image. There are many ways to create the "higher contrast, curves, levels, contrast use the layer opacity % adjustment to control the over all effect and use a layer mask to fine tune the ares to which you would like the contrast to be effected. The images look like there are masked out areas to create "high contrast will detail". Also using a copy of the image on "multiply", adjust that layers opacity % along with a layer mask to reveal/hide areas, can work also.

        Looks like the over all saturation was lowered but also a layer mask was used to adjust some areas more than others. The "cool" look could have been applied through using "photo filter" adjustment layer with a layer mask (to control effected areas) set on a cooling filter setting.

        Hope that helps.

        If you need clarity I could always take a screen shot of the layers so you can see what I'm trying to explain.


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          Re: Hi contrast look

          I'm seeing a lot of flat and dark mid tones in your images. Even though your target image is dark over all (due to large morning shadows), the overall is bright and punchy. Take a look at how flat the bus image is. There's not much separation of tone. It needs opened up and pushed.


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            Re: Hi contrast look

            Hi! Thank's for all answers.
            Originally posted by DarkJamie View Post
            It needs opened up and pushed.
            What do you mean? Could you show some examples of your try?

            I saw that photos from example 2 seems a lil bit difference than from example 1. Example 1 is more natural. Anway both looks like some kind of hi contrast look.

            As cgallow said there is a way by using multiple curves, I've done about 40 curves for many areas... interesting look but i think it's still far from example 2...

            Check this: the same retouching, photos by the same photographer Cedric Buchet for Vogue China.
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              Re: Hi contrast look

              Very beautiful style. Hope someone can deep explain how to get this look.
              szeryf1989: Do you have any picture for retouch test?
              cgallow: can you upload a screen shot of the layers.


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                Re: Hi contrast look

                What am I missing? Most of the contrast comes from hard lighting, probably with speedlights.

                This was one of the posted links:

                The images lit with hard light are contrasty, the ones with soft light (see: bottom right) are not.

                The contrast might be enhanced a little (or in some cases even backed off), but it is not created in post, it's in the lighting.


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                  Re: Hi contrast look

                  Originally posted by Flashtones View Post

                  The contrast might be enhanced a little (or in some cases even backed off), but it is not created in post, it's in the lighting.

                  Though post probably help enhance the contrast of the images, most of it comes from the lighting.

                  The original images were already high contrast, and simply adding a "brightness/contrast" adjustment layer will help push it a bit further. And like someone else already posted, you can then apply a hue/saturation adjustment layer to desaturate the image.

                  If you don't like the brightness/contrast panel, you can also always use curves which give you a bit more control. Or even levels. Whatever floats your boat.

                  If you're not satisfied with your results, it's probably because your lighting differs too far from your reference images. Almost all of your images feature very direct harsh lighting. It's best to take what you want and adapt it to your own image but sometimes you have to be realistic.


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                    Re: Hi contrast look

                    One thing that you can do to both increase contrast and reduce saturation would be a black and white adjustment layer set to overlay (with opacity lowered of course). You can fine tune it by adjusting the different color channels.


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