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finding right brightness for print output?

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  • finding right brightness for print output?


    when i am editing a photo for a client i always am afraid the brightness is too dark for print. Is there a good way to make sure my output is best for print concerning brightness/dullness without losing quality?

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    Re: finding right brightness for print output?

    - Calibrate your monitor
    - Use proper color management throughout your workflow
    - make sure your output file matches the ICC profile of your printer / print service
    - soft proof your output on your monitor
    - spot check the actual pixel values in key areas of your image. The numbers never lie
    Cheers, Murray


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      Re: finding right brightness for print output?


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        Re: finding right brightness for print output?

        Ultimately, if the file is headed for press final assessments should be made from a press proof. Find a service bureau and have them make one for you. You'll get a good sense for how closely your monitor/calibration, etc, is able to represent real output.

        Not saying you slavishly adjust the monitor to the print, but it will give you an indication of how close you presently are, and where work needs to be put. Without judging against a calibrated output you're just guessing where you stand.


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          Re: finding right brightness for print output?

          Guess. Then blame the printer.

          Works 60% of the time every time.


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