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  • China Mieville (Author)

    Hi Guys,

    One of my favourite authors of all time who I had a photo-shoot with recently:

    Post processed in CS6.

    Read all about him here:

    Or even better read one of his books.



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    Re: China Mieville (Author)

    Nice photograph. I would think he was pleased with it.
    I've read a number of his books. Some are brilliant about 2/3 through and then lose their punch near the end, for me at least. My favorites would be King Rat, Perdido Street Station, and Kraken.


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      Re: China Mieville (Author)

      Since it's a retouching forum would you like to share your ps processing method / workflow? Nice portrait.


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        Re: China Mieville (Author)

        Great shot, me, the vains in the eyes need some work.


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