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How to get this look?

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  • How to get this look?

    First of all let me introduce myself, I couldn't find the right topic.
    But my name is Wilco I'm from The Netherlands and I study Crossmedia (graphic design).
    I also photograph stockcar races for several magazine's now.

    But when I look the photographs of the real profesionals thay always have the same sort of look over them.
    My question is how to get that kind of look?

    Roman Lavrov's pictures for exampleL

    This is the closest I can get:

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    Re: How to get this look?

    Multiple raw conversion + D&B... Sometimes white flares. But also will wait for the opinion of more professional users here then me

    Anyway it's similar technique that Oliver Gast did here

    Hi again!

    Ok so look at this video:

    first he probably did some multiple raw conversion to get hi range, next watch video: selection, D&B, color correction (desaturation etc.), white smoke, white flares, some sharpening on the car. I think if you are semi-pro in PS you can easliy try to do this. Guy is really good in D&B and operate colors nice as well... Anyway i love this flares that he do It is probably white soft brush (or gradient tool) set on screen mode...
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      Re: How to get this look?

      I agree that there are multiple conversions going on. I would also add a few points:

      For example -

      1. Often he seems to be working with a simplified color palette. You can use a HueSat adjustment layer to isolate your primary colors and desaturate the others.

      2. Looks like an overall lowered density / black point which is masked off of the hero car.
      In a curves or level adjustment layer you can raise the black point.

      Next example -

      1. From a photographic standpoint, he is either exaggerating the level of motion blur in post or he is using a gyro grip on his camera.

      2. He also chooses to take artistic licence in this shot. He has added a reflection on the track which is easy when working with an orthographic view like this.

      Hope this helps and that others can add to it.


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        Re: How to get this look?

        Thanks for you reply's guys.
        Very use ful!

        That video is exacly what I was searching for!
        I found his work not so long ago and I liked the look.
        I wil try to use the things I've learned and let you know.


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          Re: How to get this look?

          I am 99% sure, that montion blur was created in post work. Check out this program:
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            Re: How to get this look?

            Originally posted by szeryf1989 View Post
            I am 99% sure, that montion blur was created in post work. Check out this program:
            That looks interesting, I will try this.
            The propper way to do this is work with 2 pictures? one background and one for the car?

            Most work I do is at races so this is not always possible I think.
            The main thing I was looking for was the color toning and stuf, but that program can be very handy!


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