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Noise Issue please help

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  • Noise Issue please help

    Was hoping someone could help me out with this issue, as i tried to search everywhere but couldnt find an answer.

    After i finish retouching an image, and save it as jpeg/tiff. It looks great in psd, however when I set it as a desktop image on my laptop, some areas develop high noise. However, if the photo is stretched or seen at a bigger scale, the noise disappears.
    If you could help me out, i would like to know if the problem is a monitor issue, or if it is just due to the compression that it develops noise.

    I do place both images (compressed and uncompressed) above each other in psd, set blending mode of "difference" to the compressed image, and I get complete black on screen and a perfect vertical line(shadow) in levels adjustments , indicating there is no noise. But i cant seem to figure out where the problem is.

    Note: i barely use sharpening to the places that develop the noise issue

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    Re: Noise Issue please help

    The fact that your images look 'great' in PS and you only see the noise when set as a desktop image suggests that the problem lies in the way the image is scaled for your screen.

    Assuming that your image dimensions actually exceed your laptop screen resolution you could try resizing as follows:

    1. Determine your display resolution. In Windows goto Control panel and click on Display
    2. Choose settings and make a note of screen resolution
    3. Open image using PS then goto Image/Size and resize your image to your screen resolution click on Constrain Proportions to ensure that you do not stretch.
    4. Depending on the image aspect ratio to the screen aspect ratio you may have to crop the image to fit correctly
    5. Save your newly sized image as a copy and see how it looks as background


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      Re: Noise Issue please help

      Thank you tony. this has solved the noise issue . So at the end of the day, this suggests that there is no noise in the original image. So i need not tro worry about noise issues, coz if i reduce its going to go too blurry. Am i correct?



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        Re: Noise Issue please help

        Glad to hear that the issue is resolved. If you cannot see noise in the image at its final size then it does not exist .

        Generally reducing the size of an image reduces the appearance of noise as it is no longer possible for the medium (either screen or print) to resolve the fine detail.


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          Re: Noise Issue please help

          well. to be honest this is not the final size, since iam doing this to only apply it as a desktop image. The final size sent to the client is gonna be the same size as i recieved it before reducing it. And this is where i want to resolve or at least know if there is noise, since it doesnt really show in first place. The problem is the monitor im working on right know doesnt have that much of hi resolution, im getting a knew one to fix alot of issues. is there another way to detect if the original file after completion has noise or not. I ve tried that levels adj on all my images, they dont seem to have any differences between the compressed and non compressed image (EVEN WHEN ITS IN JPG format) which i didnt expect!


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            Re: Noise Issue please help

            Ah, a very different scenario!
            To evaluate the noise characteristics of the original file you should view the file at 100% and scroll through the image. This should allow you to judge how much noise is present and if remedial work is required.

            If the image is going to print then it may be worthwhile producing a print (or several small sections) with similar equipment conditions to the final printing process.

            I would suggest that the image saved in tiff format and you can use LZW compression without any losses. Jpeg is fine but if the image is going to be worked on and resaved small data losses will accumulate and potentially degrade quality


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              Re: Noise Issue please help

              thanks for the help tony
              highly appreciated efforts