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Popular Photographers/retouchers now and then....

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  • Popular Photographers/retouchers now and then....

    When I first joined this site I remember being blown away by the likes of Dave Hill, Joey L, Joel Grimes and Calvin Hollywood etc and reading all the 'how to' attempts and trying it myself.

    I was just wondering what these guys are up to know, has anyone seen there latest works etc its all a bit quiet - It seems a lot of photogs / retouchers go the tutorial/workshop route once they get a following so guess that's what they are doing.

    Also I know there are lots of other talented people on this site an after a break I am starting to get back into the game so who is popular at the moment? Just wanting a few new (to me) portfolios to look at to get inspired ... If u have the time share some links with me please

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    Re: Popular Photographers/retouchers now and then.

    Why don't you just Google their names? Google has their websites listed.

    How about Ansel Adams, he's pretty "popular".