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  • about Extract Hair from Background

    Hello everyone , my name is Mohamed , i am from Egypt

    i love the photoshop so much , and now i close to work at Studio for photography , so my job at this studio is " Extract the pics from the original background ..
    so , my question for you people is

    How i can Extract the HAIR from Blackground ?

    i was use the Extract filter and i have it on CS5 ,but not work well with all kinds of pics ..
    so i wanna someone tell me good way for that , i know also that way of "CHANNELS"
    That i duplicate the lair and use the Blue channel and press ctrl+L And make the background whit and the hair black and make selction etc ...
    but this not work with some pics like that pic

    and all pics have dark background ..

    that about extract hair ..
    and also i wanna video explain for how to extract full picture
    " full body with hair " with pro method ...

    sorry for my long topic and bad english ... i'll be thanks so much if someone helped me

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    Re: about Extract Hair from Background

    If you are using Cs5 or above the new refine edge works pretty good.

    You can also download a 30 day full trial of Topaz Remask...In my opinion the refine edge in Cs works a bit better


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      Re: about Extract Hair from Background

      I would use a combination of factors such as calculations and channel surfing. That and a quick select with a refine edge. Without trying though, it's sometimes tough to say (goes off to have a stab).