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Help getting H&M swimwear campaign look!

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  • Help getting H&M swimwear campaign look!

    Hi everyone,

    I have a job where they want me to take some photos that were shot in direct sunlight and make them look like the H&M swimwear campaign from 2012-[/URL]

    I don't think they´re looking for the crazy tan so much as the kind of supersaturated shadowy look. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Much much appreciated!!

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    Re: Help getting H&M swimwear campaign look!

    Try in this order:

    1- Levels.
    2- Curves.
    3- Ton of D&B.
    4- Color pop (from Channel mixer to LAP and/or any thing in between).

    Do you have sample picture before the effect?

    OK, I found one, courtesy of Google search, it is not mine, I don't take any credit for the photographic aspects of it, I only used it to illustrate the above mentioned effect. This is very crude job, I left a lot to be desired, but, it serves the purpose, took me only under 10 minutes to do.
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