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    I am real sorry for asking this dumb question i have done it loads of times and now i just can't remember. I took a pic of a lion on my Hols to South Africa, i want to put the lions head on my website, i need only the head i can't remember how to get rid of the background every time i save it i get the white background its the background i need to get rid of

    sorry for asking a simple question

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    Hi Kelvin,

    When you save the image make it a .gif instead of a .jpg. Gif's support transparent layers jpg's don't.

    You will still have to cut out the lions head and make the background transparent in photoshop or the program you are using

    Happy new year


    No question is too simple to ask - we all need answers and help out when needed


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      I agree with Clare that GIF offers transparency, while JPG does not.

      Sadly GIF is a max of 8 bits - so edges are not as nice as 24 bit JPG. This is where PNG comes in, but only for new browsers.

      A work around for print or web is to make the soft cut out transparent layer and the background in Photoshp, where you can merge things with the best quality. Not easy for textured backgrounds though, but for solids it works great.

      Obviously the Photoshop background and the Xpress/PageMaker or webpage background has to be the same colour - or you get an edge showing and a different colour...but when done right the two solids are seamless.

      There are a number of threads at this site dealing with extracting images from their background - including a portrait makeover in the retouching challenge section.

      Stephen Marsh.


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        try this..

        great respond guys.

        If neither of them work, try to do a little cheat by using your current web background for the lion's head background. Hope this would help. Good luck. By the way,

        No question is stupid. Only stupid when not asking a question when you have one...........


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