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Reducing Highlights in picture

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  • Reducing Highlights in picture

    Hi There,
    Im working on this image.
    As you can see there are some highlights on the nose and chin that i want to reduce.

    Since im verry new to this retouching stuf i realy dont know how to do this in a proper way.

    Ive seen some tutorials on youtube that do this with the clonestamp putting the modus on dark and cloning over the brighter area's.

    Now i know that there is in photoshop cs6 a better way to do this with the option color range.

    Can someone help me to fix this with colour range or is there a better way to do this.

    Please dont make it to difficult hahaha.
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    Re: Reducing Highlights in picture


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      Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

      thx for youre reaction


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        Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

        not realy wat is was looking for, but stil verry usefull for other things.

        Wat i am looking for is how to do it with option select and then colour range.
        then i make a selection of the highlights but after that i dont know what to do.
        i can slide it to the left or right but never get a good result.


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          Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

          colour range doesnt really work that well if your trying to put detail back into a blown out image. (if im understanding you correctly, cant see the pic)

          You should put the image in bridge, open in camera raw (command+r), and bring the exposure down. The image must still be RGB for this


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            Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

            Hi there, i will try that thx in advance.



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              Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

              An easy way
              Use the healing brush tool on the face. Ck the color you want and heal over the
              burned out area.
              It blends right in.
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                Re: Reducing Highlights in picture

                I like cupcake method... I tried using curves only
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