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  • aged polaroid looks

    Hi everyone,

    I do apologise if this has been covered extensively somewhere else. I did try to look through the forums and saw a few posts that were similar but I thought I would post here with some direct links to a style of imagery I'm keen to understand better.

    I think these images were shot on polaroid and then enhanced in PS or through some physical process and then scanned in. I would be keen to see how you guys would approach taking an image such as this source image:

    and getting it looking something like these images:

    I appreciate that this kind of look tends to be quite organic and specific to each individual image but some general tips and thoughts about this style would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Re: aged polaroid looks

    These are magazines scanned at about the lowest resolution possible on a machine from 1998. It would almost be a waste of time trying to emulate this in photoshop.


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      Re: aged polaroid looks

      thats interesting. I know some of those images were for a Italian vouge shoot about 2 years ago and i've seen a lot of the prints on display before which look pretty true to the web images. I guess its nice to know some things can't be done digitally.


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        Re: aged polaroid looks

        This sort of thing is very easy to do in PS. The first three examples use a plug-in called Retrographer (taking some liberties beyond your examples), while the 4th version is closer to your examples and was done first using native PS tools, then Retrographer:

        •Desaturate original image
        •Add a bit Gaussian blur
        •Add a bit of Noise
        •Add more Gaussian blur
        •Apply a Retrographer Instant Camera effect

        There are a jillion possible results along these lines to be had both in PS itself and using plug-ins.
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          Re: aged polaroid looks

          thks your advice plugsnpixels


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            Re: aged polaroid looks

            You're welcome!


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