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Photoshop CS5 clone tool stopped functioning right

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  • Photoshop CS5 clone tool stopped functioning right

    OK, I started having clone too issues the other day, and I've tried a reboot, played with settings, and can't get it to work right. It's basically working except for certain horizontal and vertical strips seem to be permanent, causing the area to be cloned to have odd jpeg like artifacts. Tried it on several different images.

    Can't seem to find any notices of similar issues. I'm basically cloning from the lower part of the image. pretty basic. If I try to reclone, the exact same lines prevent it from working. As if they are hard coded to not change. These are new files, recently opened.

    Very odd.

    Tried rebooting, think I'll be clearing my preferences file next. Any ideas?
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    Re: Photoshop CS5 clone tool stopped functioning r

    I assume that you want to remove the area highlighted so you have a clear orange background?

    You say you are using the clone tool but your screenshot shows you using the Patch tool. Are you using the patch tool to select the area as shown then going to the clone tool to select a source outside of the mask selection?

    Just tried using Patch tool on your image and dragging the selection down and all traces of the type face disapear as expected to be replaced with the orange background.

    If you are using the clone tool then is it possible that you have selected to sample all layers and or reduced the brush opacity?

    What happens when you use the Patch tool selection as shown and drag down into a clear area - it should completely replace the mask section with a new area
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