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  • simulating dot print look


    I am putting this in the retouching section because I think more users look at this part of RP and getting a solution is somewhat urgent for me. I am restoring an old print that has a dot print pattern on it. There is a vertical crease that runs down the center of the entire print that is pretty hard to repair as it is pretty unforgiving. I have been repairing the print using the clone stamp tool at 100% hardness with preview enabled but this is not working out for me doing a large vertical crease. Does anyone have any ideas on what may work?

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    Re: simulating dot print look

    Actually it seems to be working out making irregular lasso selections of adjacent areas and then copying and pasting but I would be interested if anyone has any other solutions.


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      Re: simulating dot print look

      - not sure what the purpose for the image is such as be printed again or just inkjet.

      If it is to be able to be reprinted again I would use realgrain with an amount of blur to descreen it.


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        Re: simulating dot print look

        For total control I would cut and paste 'good' texture over the damage like you are doing. Or cut out the offending strip and shunt the two good halves together using the screen dots for alignment - naturally that will depend on whether historical accuracy is important!


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          Re: simulating dot print look

          Thank you Albin and Repairman. Its being used in a video on a historical subject and not getting printed. Copying and pasting seems to be working out although where a crease runs vertically through the length of the entire image it is pretty unforgiving. I'm attaching a screenshot at 300% so you can better see the type of mechanical dot pattern that resulted from the commercial printing process. Also it appears to have been printed on a paper with a woven mechanical repeating texture.

          Can Realgrain simulate mechanical dot patterns that resulted from the commercial printing process and not from the type of film that was used?
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