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  • threshold or something else

    I need some help with a project:

    I have a picture like this one: Nissa Juke and i want to look like one of others pictures that i've upload here.

    I want to make it all black and put on a white background. I want to see the details like: tires, lights, windshield etc. This will be a diagram/scheme for every car, not for a specific one.

    I've try with threshold but i loose allot of details or i'm doing something wrong.

    Hope u can understand and sorry for my english. Thanks!
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    Re: thresold or something else

    These artistic renderings aren't really my thing, I'm sure others will do better, but here's some glowing edges w/ a touch of sumi-e:
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      Re: thresold or something else

      Try this....


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        Re: thresold or something else

        Here you are:
        Car drawing!
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          Re: thresold or something else


          I also need an explanation of how you have made changes. The nissan Juke picture is just a demo, not my picture.


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            Re: thresold or something else

            Of course you lose some detail. These things are just doing math under the hood. Clever developers try to align this math with the desires of as many people as possible within a certain delta. You are going to have to make a call on what point is good enough for the initial round before proceeding to manual cleanup. To get perfect behavior, you would probably have to program it yourself. Good luck with Adobe's APIs.

            If it was me, I would probably get annoyed with the results and end up redrawing it from scratch using whatever rough brush tip or custom tip approximated the texture with the least work.


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