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flashlight without light

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  • flashlight without light

    I want to learn to add some light in photoshop

    Here i have 2 pictures:

    one with light (nice light, not only pure white, nice ray like sunlight)

    one without light

    Some ideas how can i do this ? Or a link to a tutorial ?

    Thank you !
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    Re: flashlight without light

    Look for Steve Caplan's, How To Cheat At Photoshop. Seems right up his alley.


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      Re: flashlight without light

      It just has different parts. If you think about it, in the context of the displayed gamut, they achieved this by increasing brightness and lowering contrast with the appropriate number of tiers to the effect. It's obviously more concentrated and blows out more detail at the center. They couldn't use real brightness values as it would turn out if photographed on, as they would lead to too much clipping. I would start on the center just like I mentioned. Make the secondary reflection on the internal metal facing next. The flares would be the last thing. Much of it can be accomplished via masks drawn with the pen tool and a bit of feathering. Getting the right fade off in portions will take further painting, but tutorials often suck. My problem with them is that the results are not always great at high resolution. When they are, they are generally not portable in principle.


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        Re: flashlight without light

        Have you tried adding a light beam brush in Ps
        I am not sure if the link works, if not do a search in Deviant art, there are a lot to choose from.
        Or you could make your own brushes.
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