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  • image analysis

    Sorry for the title.

    I wanted to ask a question to other retouchers.

    before i ask , I want to know how you look at a picture and define it? if you were ever a musician or recording engineer then you will understand this. In other words back in the day when i listened to music I studying the music. I deconstructed everything- reverse engineered everything. tones are like hertz. tints are like hi frequencies of luminosity lol (disagree whatever)

    just having fun here.

    lately, i have been taking pictures and deconstructing them. I will make a chart or list of identifiable elements. for example: I start with compostion., shadows and highlights, color and focus. I write them down! Everyday I wil do this for 10 pics! if you want to be really want to be awesome at it you wil do more.
    every retoucher needs to become a photographer!!!

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    Re: image analysis

    what do you look for in a photo?


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      Re: image analysis

      sorry for the grammar problens in the first post.


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