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Lens correction problem - see link .

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  • Lens correction problem - see link .

    I did a 'street' shot with a slightly wide angle (35mm equivalent) lens but I was not center on the subject (side-to-side) and there is a weird 'skewing' of horizontals that I'm having trouble fixing in PS (CS6). I have have tried the menu items Edit>transform, skew, distort...and the Filter>Lens correction... but have not had success without introducing 'other distortions'. I am not too concerned about the converging verticals which are kinda 'natural' being taken from a looking down on the scene view, and not being level with the middle of it. My issue is with having taken it slightly from one side. The horizontal lines at the top & bottom of the window/door are too weird. The problem should be immediately apparent seeing the jpeg linked here:

    The closest I've come is Filters>Lens correction>custom>transform>horizontal perspective = 10 and then Image>Rotate ccw> = .5
    Can anyone improve on this?
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    Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

    Others can probably do better. This is what I did with Lens Correction in ACR. The corrections necessitated some cropping, as seen.

    Oh and pay no mind to the vignette settings, I didn't even notice I had used them.
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      Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

      Thanks, but I cant read the numbers.
      Please can you just provide just the numbers or attach a bigger screenshot
      Distortion = , vertical = , horiz = , rotate = , scale = ,
      Could they be + 5, +15, +7, -.5, 100 ?

      I had been trying in PS & it didnt occur to me to first do it in ACR
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        Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

        Those #'s are correct except for rotate, which is +0.5

        I wouldn't be slavish to those numbers, I'm sure you can do better. Just turn on the grid and have at it.


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          Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

          Thanks for that.
          Actually I find that a minus rotate is a little better, no? And increasing the Horiz. a tad. So 5, 15, 9, -7 ?

          p.s. I googled to find Show Grid by pressing the V key (it's not on the fly-out menu like it used to be?)
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            Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

            those #'s aren't better on my system. maybe it depends on the version of ACR?

            If you look at the picture in my 1st post you can see the grid option in the lower right corner.


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              Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

              Here's a tighter crop using my numbers. See how the grid aligns with the horizontals and verticals of the image. If your numbers do better I'd be curious to see it, just to know.

              Edit: I would agree with increasing the horizontal to 9 or 10, but your -7 rotate did not work well on my system.
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                Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

                Thanks for pointing me to the 'show grid' checkbox. I have no peripheral vision (loss of 30% vision in each eye) and don't see things that I'm not looking at directly. Apologies.

                This may account for my difficulty using the Lens Correction.

                I've attached 2 screenshots - one with -.8 and the other with + .5 Rotate


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                  Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

                  sorry didnt work as attachments

                  (have to go out now & will check in later - thanks)


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                    Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

                    Frank, my apologies, you are correct. I realize/recall now that I had attempted some straightening with the crop tool before moving to Lens Correction. That accounts for he difference in rotation numbers. With my crop disabled your numbers are good.



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                      Re: Lens correction problem - see link .

                      Thanks :-)


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