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Cleaning one color uniform background ?

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  • Cleaning one color uniform background ?

    Hello there,

    I have to clean the background of a 100+ images and I am looking for best way to approach this.
    I am attaching a simple image of what I do know , but I do not like the results very much. Do you have an idea how I could get more uniform background?



    Larger images :

    What I do is cleaning the bigger uneven parts with Patch tool, then run Median filter on separate layer and add noise. Finally, I mask out the person.


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    Re: Cleaning one color uniform background ?

    After running quick retouching action on the legs, I used a second split frequency action to correct the background.
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      Re: Cleaning one color uniform background ?

      I use Dust and Scratches filter or plugin called Portraiture to do this. Portraiture is similar to the split frequency action. What I like about it is that it doesnt blur the edges of the person (like gaussian blur etc.).


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