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  • Adding Colour

    Hey Guys

    New to the forum and would like to know if there is a solution for this. I am a real estate photographer and often have colour cast problems. For example i may shoot a room that had tungsten down lights which then leave a warm tungsten light on the white walls. Some of my clients dont want colour cast present in there images.

    Currently i am deep etching the area then using the colour brush to brush out the colour cast.

    The Question is, is there anyway i can eye drop a colour say on a wall, and then simply brush it in without having to do any heavy selections?

    For example, i know if you use darken brush on a lighter area it will brush over as is recognises its lighter. Can the same be done for colour where it will just recognise a similar colour and only add to that?

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    Re: Adding Colour

    Hopefully you are shooting can selectively brush in color correction with the adjustment brush or you could make a duplicate and correct for the color cast in one version and layer it with the other and mask in the corrected tungsten area.


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      Re: Adding Colour

      Hey Wolfman

      Thanks for the reply and both those techniques would work, But i would still have to brush these areas in and stay within the lines. Im looking for a simpler method in which it detects the colour im brushing in and only add colours to that similar colour.


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        Re: Adding Colour

        I do it the old fashioned way - filtration.


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          Re: Adding Colour

          Do you have sample? there are too many ways to fix it but it depends on the type of cast, location, intensity etc, etc.
          If you have sample to post, please, make sure it is big enough.


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            Re: Adding Colour

            use selective color or hue/saturation. just select the color cast on its color


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