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Setting Initial Image Densities

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  • Setting Initial Image Densities

    hey all..

    Workflow is REAL important and getting into the habit of separating your retouching from your color moves is ULTRA important. Especially if you want to work professionally. I posted a video discussing how I initially set the overal color and density of an image prior to retouching using curves. I also briefly discuss the concept of workflow and separation. Let me know if you like


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    Re: Setting Initial Image Densities

    Cool! Thank's for sharing!!


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      by Antonio Genovia
      This will be my 2 post in this forum, I have been actively lurking and learning from some of you.

      Let me know, what you guys think of this image.

      A quick workflow here:

      06-27-2011, 03:35 PM
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      Hi all Im wondering what workflow you all use for retouching. obviously it depends on the image.

      ie if you have a noisy image when would you reduce the noise? would it be after spotting, retouching and dust scatch removal or before? Or would it be after or before tonal and colour correction?...
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      Hey guys,

      I'm retouching some pics that involves houses (interior/exterior). There was a previous post about this, but links didn't work. Could you let me know some links about this topic?


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