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Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

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  • Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.


    I'm doing some retouching on a corp project and they need to have some bolts on a wheelchair turned from silver to black.

    Is there a way I can easily do this without losing the texture in the bolt?

    I've tried painting over it low flow/low opacity... taking out the saturation, darkening... but nothign really gives me that realistic feel of a jet black painted bolt (screw). Anybody got any ideas?

    It would be much appreciated.!!

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    Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

    Have you tried a simple masked curves layer for the bolts?
    You can alter the contrast to make the bolt either shiny or dull as req.
    Example attached wait a few seconds for change
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      Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

      Hi there. I appreciate the response, the graphic is very cool too.

      I just wish it worked so easily in my situation.

      Whenever I adjust the curves to get the screw dark enough I am losing all of the detail in the screw.

      Here is a segment of the image with the screw so you can know what I'm speaking about.
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        Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

        Even if you can't maintain texture, it's small enough to repaint whatever detail is required without anyone noticing. It's not even so much texture. You want it to behave like the other material. They're two different materials, so you may have to deal with hints of reflection. It's not very difficult if you've done it before. The black material is mostly low in contrast with some highlights of much higher brightness. You will never get that from a curve without some additional paint work.


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          Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

          try a frequency separation were the high frequency layer contains the detail you need to keep. Then adjust the low frequency layer to darken. Adjust HF as needed after that.

          --shift studio.


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            Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

            appreciate the tips guys ... haven't been able to get it exactly what i wanted but managed to get something acceptable so i'm just gonna see if i can get it to slide since its such a small detail


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              Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

              I don't know how much you want it to show up vs blend in. Small tweaks to the two interior points (at the quarter tones and 3/4 tones) make a big difference.

              The bigger challenge is making a decent mask, as when you are darkening so much, any spill over into the already dark metal has a big effect.
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                Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

                nice i gotcha mine looks similar to that but interesting to see what u did with the curves there


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                  Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

                  Just curious, what technique did you use to get the similar result?


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                    Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

                    just curves and a quick mask, not as smooth as yours though might redo if i have the patience


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                      Re: Retouching bolts. Turning silver to black.

                      Pleased to hear that you got a result. Now that you have posted part of the image it is clearer what was required on these small areas and Flashtones results using curves looks very good.


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