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how do they do ?

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  • how do they do ?

    Hey i'm from germany i'm 16 years old and i have a question
    How Do they Do that ..??? Here Is the picture and i would be Happy to Know
    What has been changed on it everthing you notice
    Thank's in advance

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    Re: how do they do ?

    I would assume you are asking about the selective blur on the image not the color treatment. There are two ways to chive selective blur.

    Old fashion way, no Photoshop: It is done in camera, rather on camera by the photographer, all it takes is applying very thin layer of Vaseline on the lens on selected areas, then, it is trial or error from there, this is how they used to do it. You would have to be careful not to apply Vaseline on the edges of the lens.

    Modern way, Photoshop: duplicate the image layer, on the dup layer, apply lens blur filter of your choice. Then, using mask, reveal the lower layer, make sure to feather the mask so that you get smooth transition to the areas you would like to reveal or hide, you may lower opacity of the blurred layer to achieve the look you are after.


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      Re: how do they do ?

      Thank you very much for your fast reply ... I prefer the modern way :p
      And now i want to Know how the colour treatment was done
      I Know the Photo was taken by available lights and that there was work very much
      with Dodge & Burn i'm Not sure weather the background is darken by Post production
      Or The location Is already dark
      I wish someone could tell me which Colours are mixed
      And everything more what you See


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        Re: how do they do ?

        Here is a before and after attempt.
        I went too far on the blur, I did the color according to my taste.
        For the color, I created a BW layer on the top, set opacity to 50%, blend mode "lighter color", the only thing I left out is the Dodge & Burn, mainly the burn, it is what gives your posted image that look, but, it is a starting point.
        This is very quick and dirty job just a proof of concept, I have never done it before, but, you would have to go through the "thinking" process before you really have to ask, I am not saying do not ask, but, you have to reconstruct the image mentally and attempt to understand how it works.

        Oh, I used Iris Blur under Lens Blur in filter menu.
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          Re: how do they do ?

          so nobody can tell which colors mixed and made this color combo ?


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            Re: how do they do ?

            I don't really get the question. How can we know what colors were added without seeing the original?

            Tones are obviously on the cool side, and blue/purple has been added to the shadows.

            Is that the kind of answer you want?


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              Re: how do they do ?

              To make a guess how an image like this was colored, try to reverse engineer it using a Curves adjustment layer.

              Bring the image into Photoshop, add a Curves adjustment layer, and use the gray eyedropper to re-establish a "normal" white balance by clicking on something that might have been neutral in the original image. On this image there are white sections in the dress. Click on a few different spots until the image (skin tones) look more "normal"

              Then look at the individual RGB curves that creates. To take a different image that is already "normal" and make it look like this, simply reverse those curves.

              On this image, the Red curve is pulled up a little, the Blue curved is pulled down a little more, and the Green curve is barely changed. So on your image, pull the Red Curve down and push the Blue curve up by roughly the same amounts.


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                Re: how do they do ?

                As far as they've come, PS filters can't beat the real thing. This was shot with (my guess) a 80mm lens on a medium format camera (digital or film), creating a look more like a 50mm on a full-frame dslr. Shallow depth of field, like F 1.8 - F2.5 or something. Color balance, selective color, curves, and lots of dodging and burning (but then again, maybe not the latter as she looks like 14 years old and wouldn't require much).


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