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  • Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

    I do a little photo retouching but I'm no expert. I have a nice picture of friends but there are two pink ribbons running through the middle of it. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I have PSE 6 and have been using the clone tool but I really run into trouble in the area of the hand. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

    Just take your time doing it, clone, healing, copy & paste, there is no magic about it, hard work, that is all it takes.


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      Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

      i assume you are doing the work on a duplicate layer .. one workflow is to ...
      - clone / healing brush / smudge tool (remember you can bring back texture with the healing brush) across the ribbon not worrying about getting it right in terms of the edge of the ribbon, just that the gradation and brightness is close.
      - Then add a mask and turn the mask to black (hide all or control-i to invert the white mask) and paint white on the mask to show the art work you did ...
      - duplicate the lower layer and merge the retouch layer down - or create a new layer and merge visible (control alt shift e) - now you have a layer with the art work you did where the ribbon was and original image where the ribbon was not and the original untouched image on the layer below ... it may not be perfect but it will be better that it was and will now be easier to do ...

      repeat the above as needed until it is done


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        Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

        I like it when you can say in 1000 words what I can say in 10, lol, way to go Roger, this is how it is done! Hard work, ain't it?


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          Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

          Originally posted by Aladdin View Post
          I like it when you can say in 1000 words what I can say in 10, lol, way to go Roger, this is how it is done! Hard work, ain't it?
          sometimes hard work ... sometimes easy (harder for me to write the 1000 words) ... but it always takes patience


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            Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

            Thanks for the replies. I was hoping there was a magic plugin I could download.

            - I am not working on a duplicate layer. It sounds like I should be.
            - I have been using the clone tool but not the healing brush or the smudge tool. I will give those a try, too.
            - I've never used a mask. I'm not even sure what that is.

            Thanks for the tips. It sounds like I've got a lot of work ahead.


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              Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

              STOP EVERYTHING!!!!!
              Learn to always use Layers and how to apply Layer Masks.
              RESUME WORK!!!!


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                Re: Get Rid of Pink Ribbon

                Content aware, clone, just has to try a few different tools to see what works best. And always on a duplicated layer.


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