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Help* how to achieve this skin tone?

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  • Help* how to achieve this skin tone?

    Hi guys,

    I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything on how to achieve this skin tone.

    The one i'm talking about is the one of the girl in her bikini wearing sunglesses (standing out in the balcony/fire escape)

    If this has been covered, I apologize and please just direct me to the link.


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    Re: Help* how to achieve this skin tone?

    It tells you in the article. A b&w gradient map adjustment layer, in the gradient editor change the white by double clicking on the little white square to a cream colour.


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      Re: Help* how to achieve this skin tone?

      He is not talking about the BW effect. I am looking for answer my self.


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        Re: Help* how to achieve this skin tone?

        Thanks for clarifying that for me

        Sorry for not being clear..

        I'd like to keep the skin tone but have that shiny metalic texture to the skin.


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