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  • BeautyRetouchers

    Hi. My name is Oscar and I recently launched my website I would like some creatique on my work and also my site. The obvious goal is to help photographers and future clients purchase my high end post processing services. Yes.. I did say high end. Here is an example.

    What do you guys think?
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    Re: BeautyRetochers

    Did you post the original instead of the retouch by mistake?


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      Re: BeautyRetochers

      The brutal truth that it is far from 'high end' whatever that concept may be. It is patchy in the skin tones and shadows and needs further d&b to refine it. Lips also need doing, eyes need a review etc...


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        Re: BeautyRetochers

        Hi Guys. Thanks for the constructive critique. That is the problem I am having. I have been a photo retoucher for over 5+ years. I have mainly worked on Product Photography Editing and obviously need some help. I do SOLID beauty retouching but I guess I need some help in the finishing. Im attaching the original photo so you can see the BIG difference from this one. What work do you think this image still needs?
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          Re: BeautyRetochers

          Look at all the changes in the lips, jawline, and even nose I did. The problem I Have with Beauty Retouching, is I dont quite know when a photo is " Finished". Like if a client says: Remove blemishes, Fix the contrast and color correct, I can do it. But if there is no creative direction then Im stuck. Any ideas?


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            Re: BeautyRetochers

            The original looks better. Don't know what moves you made to her jawline, but you left a glaring hotspot on her right side that wasn't there before. The space between her lips is a judgment call, but I think she looked more natural in the original. In addition, you've distorted the natural curve they make, both top and bottom. Overall, you've killed detail and shape. It seems that you've done some kind of blurring move, without understanding how to make it effective, given that you've increased the blotchiness. The colder tones you've come up with are fashionable in some instances, but the rest is pretty much a disaster.

            The thing is, there are an infinite number of examples of decent beauty retouching of faces just like this one. The most important technique is no where to be found in the Photoshop documentation or You Tube videos. You need to be able to look at a good job, and compare it with yours, and recognize the distance between them. If you can't see that, no one here can help you.


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              Re: BeautyRetochers

              Thanks for your comments edgework! Are you a retoucher yourself? It seems that you are the only person that says that I have " Damaged" the image by fixing up the lips, and shape. Other retouchers/photographers have critiqued my work and just mentioned that they need some more D&B to fix the blotchiness of it, but that the rest is good.


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                Re: BeautyRetouchers

                original photo was already good. i think you must lessen some cyan on her face, then remove those unwanted skin pores.

                for me, i dont like the result of having a bluish background. it seems to be a cast on harry potter, or its a photo for your instagram. or instead your intention is not to put in beauty magazine.


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