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  • Thoughts about this retouch

    Hello everybody,

    I'm completely new here but what I've read you seem to be good at what you are doing. I'm fairly new to photoshop retouching but made an attempt to produce a "modelly" picture.

    Could you give me your thoughts of what I need to work on to become even better?

    I have used the D&B technique, curves and saturation to reduce the warmness in the picture and to enhance blue and a bit green.

    I'm linking the before and after picture!


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    Re: Thoughts about this retouch

    No one have any comments?


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      Re: Thoughts about this retouch

      Its possible that you have not had comments due to having to download your examples to compare. I would suggest that in future you post your before after images direct to this site after adjusting the size to fit into the forum limits. Then it is quite easy for anyone to click onto the image to have a look - if they want to see larger they will ask.

      To help I have put your images side by side as an attachment - if this is wrong and you are unhappy just let me know and I will remove.

      I will leave the comments to those that do a lot of model retouching but I would say that for me the make up line on the right cheek looks a little OTT or the highlight area underneath too bright?
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        Re: Thoughts about this retouch

        Ah, thanks for the help Tony W, appreciate it!


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