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Why does this works to get rid of hair fringes?

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  • Why does this works to get rid of hair fringes?

    Hi there,

    I came across a technique unknown to me to get rid of hair fringes left when extracting hair from a white background and compositing into another one.

    The original was shot against a white BG.

    On the first picture, it's a rough 1st pass selection.
    Usually at this point, I placed a copy of the orginal under in multiply blend mode and masked in the flying hairs. So far so good.

    The new technique I don't get why it works is this:
    1. Just duplicate the 1st pass selection.
    2. Clip the dupe.
    3. Set the main (underlying) layer to multiply.
    4. At this point everything looks multiplied with the blue BG because the clipping behaves as a group.
    5. So we uncheck the layer style option "Blend clipped layers as a group" so that the blendings are done the order of the layers.

    I get the group thing. What I don't get is why does this clips away the white fringe since the masks are all the same ?


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