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  • Experts Evaluation

    Hello Gurus

    I need some evaluation from experts for the retouching work I do so that I can improve myself. I'm trying to learn retouching sincerely but I don't now about the mistake i'm doing.

    Please see a portrait (before/After) by clicking blow link and let me know your comment.

    Monirul Islam

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    Re: Experts Evaluation

    For me it is a bit overdone. Its to soft. Less is more.


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      Re: Experts Evaluation

      Hi Franks
      Can you be more specific?


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        Re: Experts Evaluation

        I might suggest that he is of the opinion that you took the smoothing a bit too far.


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          Re: Experts Evaluation

          I don't think the skin smoothing is too excessive for this type of fashion shot. It's a matter of taste and a lot of people have that kind of taste, especially models.

          However, the smoothing of the hair tends to make it look excessive. My first suggestion is to restore the original hair texture.

          After that, I'd fix the the skin highlights by adding some density (burning down a little) and adding color to 'normalize" the highlights with the surrounding skin.

          Specific areas are:

          1. The right cheek between the nose and hair line.
          2. The left jaw line.
          3. The vertical stripe down the middle of the back.
          4. The small strip down the outside edge of the arm.
          5. The forehead above the left eye.


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            Re: Experts Evaluation

            I am of the opinion that you took out too much detail in the skin, and restore the hair back to original. I think the key issue is what redcrown said, it lacks contrast. Her nose has all but disappeared. And depending on those two suggestions take you, the eye whites may be too bright at that point. Like FrankS said, less is more. You can achieve the porcelain look, without daring attention to it.