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    Hi All, I'm a beginner as a retoucher. I need your experience.. Here 's the question. How can I reduce the brightness from her skin. I mean I need to get more natural skin tones.. If you share your ideas I will really appreciate it. Thank you

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    Re: Skin Retouch

    Just use the burn tool and set the exposure to a low value. Something like 10% and start brushing on her skin to reduce the brightness. If you want something that will reduce it on a very low amount, set the burn tool to very low exposure.


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      Re: Skin Retouch

      Burning will turn the whites grey. Not what you want. Use a Clone Stamp at 20% and copy from the cheek or forehead or something. A second way is to use a Healing Brush. Depending on how/where you do it, it could do a very good job for you. The third way is to make a soft selection (lasso and feather, or quickmask and brush) and use a Selective Color Adjustment layer on whites to add yellow and magenta.

      Based on the images you showed, I would use #1 on the bright areas like the nose, and #3 on the softer areas like forehead shine.

      You did not ask, but the images are too sharp, and the eyes too white. Pulling that back will help a lot.

      Not to over pitch, but if you go to my website, you will find many videos that can help you getting started with Photoshop.


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        Re: Skin Retouch

        You just need to pick the area around form the target (eye drop sample use 31*31 or 101*101) then select brush tool, reduce its tolerance to 15-20% apply on the area which you want to be darken or change the tone, You can also use stamp tool by reduce its tolerance to 15-20% and select nearby area from the target.


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