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  • Critique/Comment W.I.P

    Update!! here's where I'm at now.
    Last edited by Michael_Anthony; 08-08-2013, 04:31 AM.

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    Re: Critique/Comment W.I.P

    The skin, especially around the eyes, looks like it just came from a plastic mold. There are two separate shadows under the eyes; the larger, on the bottom is what is usually called bags, and they can be minimized. The other, just beneath the bottom lid, is actually shape that is now gone. You've done similar modifications to the highlights and shadows throughout. The shape of his forehead suffers from taking out the subtle shadow on the right side of the image and a subtle highlight on the left side of his face has vanished, as well as the shape it defined.

    Here's a quick fix for the eyes: copy the original area back into a new layer on top. Set its opacity at something like 40%. Then mask to taste to remove artifacts that really should go away. But never kill all the detail. It looks Sci-Fi.


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      Re: Critique/Comment W.I.P

      Great lessons edgework, appreciated! Not only did i notice everything you stated (after you pointed it out), but it will help me look for anything i might have deformed/taken away in future!

      What would you be looking to do with the shadows ? the one on the forehead to the right for example, is it not a bit too grey in the original ? at this stage all i would know to do is try and keep it as a shadow but make it less grey and more towards the same colour as it's neighboring skin tone, the grey just looks horrible to me, but as you say there needs to be a defining shadow there.




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        Re: Critique/Comment W.I.P

        If you look at the image in greyscale, you'll see that you aren't really dealing with shadows. The one on the right scarcely shows any difference from the skin with tone. On the left there's a slight darkening in the pattern, but not so you'd really all it a shadow. The hue is pretty much the same across the forehead as well. The problem is saturation. What you're calling a shadow is really a much less saturated version of the skin in the middle of the forehead.

        Try this: put a new layer on top, in Saturation mode. Sample the nearby tones and then paint that color into the "shadow areas. They'll disappear, but the natural texture will remain. Actually, the desaturated area runs along the top of the eyebrow as well. Seems to be a weirdly constructed image, but you work with what you're given. You might end up wanting to darkening that edge region anyway, but at least you'll be working with actual tones.


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          Re: Critique/Comment W.I.P

          Thanks again edgework! Learning a lot from you already!

          Here's an update where i've tried to implement your advice. Please tell me what you think or i will eat a chicken!


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            Re: Critique/Comment W.I.P


            Note: Again, still only working on skin area of the face.

            All Crits/Comments welcomed!!


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