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cs6 selective color Absolute vs Relative , may i

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  • cs6 selective color Absolute vs Relative , may i

    i tried to find good information about selective color tool about abosolute vs relative
    i 'm reading -in-Photoshop

    but i did not understand
    can somebody explain the differences in a easy way?

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    Re: cs6 selective color Absolute vs Relative , ma

    From Adobe:
    Relative Changes the existing amount of cyan, magenta, yellow, or black by its percentage of the total. For example, if you start with a pixel that is 50% magenta and add 10%, 5% is added to the magenta (10% of 50% = 5%) for a total of 55% magenta. (This option cannot adjust pure specular white, which contains no color components.)

    Absolute Adjusts the color in absolute values. For example, if you start with a pixel that is 50% magenta and add 10%, the magenta ink is set to a total of 60%.


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      Re: cs6 selective color Absolute vs Relative , ma

      Here's a visual representation of the difference between relative and absolute using curves.
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