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Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

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  • Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

    Hi I'm new to the forum(never posted here before) I would like to do some tinting like they did to B&W studio portraits back before the 60's and everyone started using color. I have Photoshop Cs6 that I would like to use for this. Can anyone direct me to some tutorials(Video or Text)?

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    Re: Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

    Can you post any examples? Nik Silver efex is full of interesting colored looks.
    Funny you mentioned tinting. I used to tint my BW prints in tea years ago. It was the cheapest way to get sepia and redish color.


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      Re: Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

      Welcome to RetouchPro

      Some examples of getting the hand tinted look which may start you off:


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        Re: Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

        Thank you but you have confused tinting and toning also So many people nowadays use tinting and toning interchangeably but it just isn't so.

        Toning is what you did with tea. Tinting is when you take the b&w portrait and give the the face and exposed skin an overall flesh color. You do the same, with a different colors for the hair and the eyes. BC(before computers) you took an actual B&W photo, and using a bit of cotton on a toothpick, you colored in the face, hair, lips and eyes with a transparent oil color. They sold special kits for this. AMCOLOR I believe was the brand name. It had it's own special effect that was subtle color, different from a color photograph.

        Toning is a completely different effect, one that's easy to duplicate in PS. There, you place chemicals, selenium or sepia into a tray and slide the photo down in it. You leave it there for the required time and when you take it out the image has an overall brown/greenish cast or tone due to a reaction of the chemicals with the silver bromide in the print. To do that in PS you can use a special filter or you can just flood the photo with the color you want and change the opacity or fill for that layer down to about 20-30 percent.

        Toning was completely different.
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          Re: Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

          Tony W: Thank you. I had seen the first link. That's about toning also. I hadn't seen the second link, but that's what I'm talking about. That is the actual tinting. Any chance I could get a free web tutorial on the tinting though. I'm retired and physical books take a bite out of my pension!


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            Re: Tinting NOT toning a B&W portrait

            UPDATE: The reason I was having trouble finding site that offered tutorials on tinting instead of toning was that I apparently didn't phrase my search right. What I should have said was *Hand* tinting instead of just tinting! now I have several. Thank you Tony W. it was your use of the word "Hand" that got me thinking. Also for correction the brand of the tint color kit was AMPHOTO not AMCOLOR as I stated above.
            Thanks to all!


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