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How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Raw

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  • How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Raw

    I used Camera Raw 7 and can't locate where to set the white, mid, and black points in Camera Raw with the eyedropper tool. How I can WB and find White, Mid, Black point like in photoshop?

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    Re: How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Ra

    AFAIK you cannot get ACR to work in exactly the same way as PS it is just not designed that way.

    Have a look at the attachment which may clarify (although this is ACR8.1).

    There is an eyedropper for overall WB - just click on an area that should be neutral in your image.

    To check your white and black point clipping you can click on the up arrows to left and right in the histogram window your image will then display red in highlight areas that are clipped and blue in clipped shadow areas

    The White and Black sliders will allow you to select clipping and you can either keep your eye on the histogram or by holding ALT (on PC) your image will change on screen to show when and where clipping begins as you adjust the sliders either White or Black.
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      Re: How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Ra

      Thks you so much. I try to find neutral area by number 130-130-130 then click WB? Is this correct?


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        Re: How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Ra

        Not really correct to mouse over the image to find equal RGB numbers because that area is already neutral.

        If you do happen to measure an area that you know should be neutral and find equal RGB values then your WB is likely correct (at least as far as that area goes) and does not need any further action on your part.

        Ideally you should be looking for an area that you know should be neutral, this may be a grey card that you have included in the shot or a known (guessed) area that should be neutral then click on WB.

        Worth remembering that the actual area you would pick in PS and use the grey sampler while it usually gives a very close to equal RGB values is not the same as setting a mid point value in relation to the Photoshop mid point between 0-255 i.e. which would be 128. You are just setting the neutrality of a given area which could be anything e.g. 99,99,99, 161,161,161 depending on the area luminosity. The same is true for ACR.


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          Re: How find White, Mid, Black Points in Camera Ra

          In LR and ACR, you white balance (on a non specular white), not gray (130/130/130). But when all three values are the same, you have a neutral.


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