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Creating Catch Lights ?

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  • Creating Catch Lights ?

    Anyone know of a tutorial for creating catch lights from scratch, without having to beg borrow or steal them from another image ?

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    Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

    Catch lights will depend upon the lighting used at the time of a shoot and the position of the person in shot. I would probably go the begging and borrowing route, or depending upon the image my preference would be to just leave them out.

    But no, no tutorial that I know of, other than digital art sort of stuff.


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      Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

      Thanks for replying Mike. As a catch light is a reflection upon a shiny smooth surface, i think i will just experiment with taking different images of reflections. Or just take a closeup of my eyes, trying to get different variations of catch lights, then i can use copy paste! Cheers!


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        Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

        For some reference to different types of catchlight e.g. Square softbox, beauty dish, ring flash, window light you could try a search in Google images only 'catchlight' as search parameter. You should get hundreds, any particular shapes you like you could create and save as a brush maybe?
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          Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

          Katrin Eismann's "Photoshop Restoration and Retouching" pp 306-309.


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            Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

            A PSD containing most of the catchlights from various lighting techniques is located HERE

            For a tutorial try "Retouching Eyes Professionally"


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              Re: Creating Catch Lights ?

              Thanks guys.


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