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  • What's going on in this image

    Hi I really like this guys work. Anyone know what's happening in these images?

    Seems like a softened blacks. Teal in the shadows and yellow/orange highlights. Then seems like some selective light leaks of magenta.

    What do you guys think? I can't seem to get the image thing to work but here's the url

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    Re: What's going on in this image

    Is it that nobody knows or did I ask the question improperly?
    I searched the board prior to posting and didn't find anything on this style. My apologies if this is a well tread topic.


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      Re: What's going on in this image

      To me it seems like he has colored the shadows with curves, it's normally the simplest tools when applied correctly that can make the best effects, I would play around with the blues and reds of the shadows in curves and you may get close.


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        Re: What's going on in this image

        Thanks for reply DevKevin. I agree its usually the simple tools that get the job done. However, i am very familiar with the look from messing with curves in the shadows and i don’t think thats whats happening here.

        I’m leaning towards some heavy selective color play. But I’m not sure how he gets such saturated color without messing up the skin tones.


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          Re: What's going on in this image

          Look closer at curves as it looks like many of the images have probably been done this way reducing contrast overall and selectively by channel.

          Depends which image you are looking at but taking just one at random you can see from a basic histogram that overall contrast reduced a little and also individual channels tweaked particularly the blue

          Bring the image into PS and see how far you can correct with curves. Start on one of your own images but make sure the overall lighting and look represent as close as possible to your chosen image from this photographer.
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            Re: What's going on in this image

            i bet you can get most of the way there using Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom.

            lower your whites and lights, raise your blacks, subtract contrast, subtract vibrance/saturation to taste, in HSL shift your blues to teal, use the split tone controls to add yellow/green to highlights, teal or red to shadows.


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              Re: What's going on in this image

              Thanks for the input Tony.

              Thats an interesting idea Flash. So simple yet may be right on. I’ll give it a try.


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                Re: What's going on in this image

                Probably your answer will be here

                "Attention! Morris Fayman's exclusive preset pack for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW is coming soon!"

                That`s what i find on his 500px page


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                  Re: What's going on in this image

                  It costs $50 .. his Pesets
                  Get Lightroom it can be done very easy.


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