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    Re: Shear

    Hi ksparticus - I don't know a way to do it directly with the filter yet here is one way that is not perfect yet maybe a little more convenient:

    - Convert image to Smart Object
    - Open Smart Object
    - In the open Smart Object change to a second level Smart Object so changes will be non-destructive and editable (do not open second level Smart Object)
    - Use Image > Rotate image > (90 degrees CW or CCW depending on need) NOTE: Do not use transform layer as an alternate approach.
    - Apply Filter > Distort > Shear
    - Save Smart Object and return to main document
    - Rotate the Smart Ojbect Layer 90 degrees in the opposite direct done inside the Smart Object (this rotation can be done with the Transform commands (e.g. Cmd/Ctrl + T)
    Now you have the shear done in the horizontal direction. The convenience added is that you set this up once and you can go back and change as desired without applying the rotations again as that is handled by the Smart Object process. The downside is that the view when changing the shear is still rotated inside the Smart Ojbect.

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  • ksparticus
    Re: Shear

    Been a while since I've been on this site.
    Does anyone have an answer to my post?

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  • ksparticus
    started a topic Shear


    I was wondering if in PS Filter/Distort/Shear there was a way to adjust the shear to the horizontal axis? I know I can rotate my selection prior then use the shear but just as a matter of convenience.

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