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  • Images needing Retouched

    I need some images retouched. Would you be willing to help me? Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate anyone willing to help! :-) I can email them directly to you If your interested. My email is [email protected] you can email me directly!

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    Re: Images needing Retouched

    Photo retouching is an art by itself: Pro image retouchers offer best image retouching services. Visit here to get the best image and video retouching service.
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      Images for Retouching
      by Arcilent

      Can anyone please tell me a website(s) where I can buy high-res images that need to be retouched? I am interested in more jewelry, cutlery and models. I tried many stock photo websites, but all of them have the images that are already retouched.

      I need these images...
      07-21-2007, 01:55 AM
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      want my photos retouched
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      Hi All,

      ADMIN ....Thanks for adding me to this group I am a newbie and do not know much about retouching I have some photographs clicked by me which I need to get retouched ..... about 15 of them may be so can someone please suggest me what I can do hire some one from here or any more...
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      Looking for a Retouchers? Check me out
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      Hello i am a Image Retoucher,With 6 years experience.*
      I know many photographers also do know how to retouch images and some don't, for the ones that don't it is best to have a retoucher to boost the look of your portfolio since this is the first thing people will look at when considering to...
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      Hello, My name is Alice Marie.

      I am a recently retired fashion/glamour model who currently does image retouching for photographers, models, and clients. I have been told that my two strongest areas of retouching are beauty work and glamour. I am very precise and accurate when it comes...
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      I'm interested in retouching.I saw today Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott photography for Love Magazine.Awesome pictures!Do you know who retouched this photos?
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