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Skin improvement technique anyone ?

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  • Skin improvement technique anyone ?

    I'm new to all this, but after searching down for some answers, i figured i would ask for a professional help.
    here's my dilemma, the first picture is the one I'm working on... and the second one is the kinda result I'm trying to obtain. i need to have that skin texture. it's almost like i didn't have enough skin texture on my original picture, which doesn't make sense.


    I figure it involves adding noise on a 50% gray layer, but I definatly need proper directions.

    Could anyone help me, I would really appreciate... or point me some kind of tutorial ?

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    Re: Skin improvement technique anyone ?

    Hello ptitebulle...

    I just wondered why it couldn't make sense that not enough texture appears in the original image. At least it happens to me all the time I am the only one? no. I am not the photographer, so I have to deal with what I was given. Give or take.

    I would probably use micro dodge and burn to even the existing texture and add some noise to increase it, but IMHO, your sample texture (your aim) looks pretty fake, but maybe it's the aim.

    Maybe even the skin texture, isolate it on a frequency separated layer, and over sharpen it a tad (increase border contrast) would do the trick?

    As usual you have a good selection of tutorials on this site (top bar> site nav> tutorials for quick access)...

    That said, I am sure more knowledgeable people will step in to give more knowledgeable answers


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      Re: Skin improvement technique anyone ?

      first off, thanks for replying... I really appreciate.
      So let me sum this up real quick.

      1-even the skin pores with D&B
      2-create a split frequency layer
      3-increase contrast of that layer.

      C'est tout ?

      I admit that the picture looks fake, but that's only because i needed a strong example to illustrate what i was trying to get. Whoever retouched that picture just overdid it... but at least you got my point.

      I actually went trough the tutorial and I couldn't find the proper one, or the specific one.
      Thanks again.


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        Re: Skin improvement technique anyone ?

        I think the inherent problem with the second image, is a bandpass too far and the downsizing of the image for the web, it gives the skin a sandblasted texture, I am sure it is not so noticeable in a larger size. Having said that I would guess that your image will have some texture available to you, although without seeing a 100% crop of the skin in a couple of areas it will be tough to tell.

        As normal remove the blemishes and anything you don't want, then d&b with your preferred technique, have at it with your other techniques curves/bandpass etc and finish with sharpening but focusing on the skin. A fairly quick and dirty way is to make a split with the low layer being blurred by a small amount (no more than 5px normally less), then clip and brightness/contrast adj, layer with the legacy box checked and the contrast upped to taste - mask and repeat.


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          Re: Skin improvement technique anyone ?


          I really need to thank you both for precious tips. the split frequency and the contrast really helped me a lot accomplish.

          I'm probably gonna have some more questions, i hope i could always count on you.

          Have a nice one !


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