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please someone tell me how to get this tone???

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  • please someone tell me how to get this tone???

    Can anyone help me to get this tone or skin tone ...please give me something ...i am trying for 2 years to get this tone on skin of my models ...but failed measurably ...if any one can share some psd file then i will be very thankful...i even willing to pay for it..... please have a look and tell me...
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    Re: please someone tell me how to get this tone???

    saifurrahaman, Welcome to RetouchPRO
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.
    Poke around, have fun!

    Submit a picture of yours that you would like to change to the 'look'

    have you read the FAQs? : What about Copyrights and Likeness Rights?
    This isn't a legal guide, just a brief summary about posting here. We aim to follow United States copyright and likeness rights laws, and it's your responsibility to make sure your uploaded images are within those laws. If in doubt, check

    Copyrighted images cannot be posted without explicit permission from the copyright owner. "Someone put it up on the web" does NOT count as explicit permission.

    Public domain images can be posted (this usually means at least 70 years old, or formally released into the public domain by the copyright owner) assuming you have permission of anyone recognizable in the image (or their estate if they have been dead less than 50 years).

    Images you own can be posted by you if you have permission of anyone recognizable in the image. Posting your image here does not mean you surrender copyright, but it does mean you give permission for other users to retouch the image and upload here, unless you explicitly state otherwise at the time of uploading.

    Images you don't own can be posted if permission is explicitly given by both the owner of the image and any recognizable person in the image.

    Celebrity images or random images from Google or anywhere else on the internet cannot be posted unless explicit permission from both the photographer and the subject has been obtained.

    Changing a copyrighted image in any way does not remove it from copyright.

    Pieces of copyrighted images, no matter how small, retain their copyright and all the same rules apply.

    "Fair use" and parody protection are problematic to define, but to be safe lets assume neither apply here.

    You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions for images you upload, and you are liable should anyone choose to enforce their copyright or likeness rights.


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      Re: please someone tell me how to get this tone???

      well i am sorry cause i didnt know all those stuff cause i am not from usa..and i got those from google image search.... and my intention was not to violate those copyright law..saw people posting photos on other posts so i thought it might be okay cause i am not taking any credit for it... Thank u for letting me know those rules as u said before i am new so i hope it will be forgiven and yeah i do have a picture...i took it using natural light so please if you could help then it will be helpful.Thanks
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