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  • skoobey
    Re: bad textures

    As far as chest and that "bigger" texture you've got to Dodge and burn.

    Local texture, pimples etc you fix by cloning and healing, but only use brushes that are slightly bigger than the every single pimple you're trying to smooth out, do the ones that are most prominent first etc.

    For that "crispy" look, you need to only sharpen what is absolutely necessary, not all over(use mask to isolate the effect).

    And please fix that background mask(shoulder and neck mostly).

    P.S. It's a good image as it is, keep on shooting and evolve your retouching with every new image that you do.

    Check out Natalia Taffarel DVD, it has all the basis of retouching in it.

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  • umutyildiz
    started a topic bad textures

    bad textures

    Hi, my new work:

    textures bad, i do not like. How do I fix this? could show me an example?

    big image:

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