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  • sharpening technique

    What techniques are you using to sharpen the image? How can visible skin textures/pures?

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    Re: sharpening technique

    Depending on what you are sharpening i guess.
    Normally I would use unsharp mask and or highpass filter. Of course I would then use another mask to only put the sharpening on where I want it.


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      Re: sharpening technique

      Low radius split with a brightness/contrast layer clipped to high layer and the contrast bumped to taste with legacy checked. Mask to suit. Rinse and repeat.


      Smart Sharpen


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        Re: sharpening technique

        I use the same technique. if the low frecuency layer is delete, the sharpenness is increased .


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          Re: sharpening technique

          To make the split technique there is another method that doesn't requires the Apply image command to obtain an accurate high layer (high pass filter). After applied the gaussian filter to the low layer, apply a Brighness/Contrast adjustment to the high layer with legacy checked and -50 to the Contrast, then apply a High Pass with a low ratio (1-1,5) and you'll get an acurrate High pass filter.
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            Re: sharpening technique

            It's a sad but undeniable fact of life: Whether you scan, shoot, or capture, the process of digitizing images introduces softness, and to get great-looking results, you'll need to sharpen the great majority of digital images. This column is usually about color management, but for every screed that's been written on tone and color correction


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              Sorry, this may have been asked a zillion times but how do you get such fine sharpening as this?


              is it just a case of multiple sharpening with low values? Anyone?

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              Masking Shortcut to sharpen edges only
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              I was playing around and ended up doing the following as a somewhat lazy shortcut to sharpening only the edges. Any thoughts?

              After doing whatever sharpening you do, and assuming the sharpening is contained on its own layer:
              - turn off sharpening layer
              - merge visible below...
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              high pass sharpening
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              I have read of a method of sharpening known as "high pass sharpening". Technique is:

              1.Duplicate_Base layer (if needed unlock first) apply High Pass Filter found under Filters/Other

              2.Apply a Radius value of around 10.0

              3.Change the Mode...
              11-13-2003, 08:41 AM
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