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I need help w/ this photo

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  • I need help w/ this photo

    Hi everyone-
    I need help w/ this photo. I am trying to add the flower pot to the right side of the photo. My biggest struggle is removing the area in-between the little flowers and stems. Brushing them away under a mask has not delivered very clean or believable results.

    I have tried two ways; one is taking the existing flower pot and cut it out and place it over to the right. The second method I have tried is cutting the one on the left and flipping it and then masking and painting back and forth, but this has failed miserably.

    I don't know if I can use some sort of blend mode to do any of this....
    or use Content Aware Scale- I have tried Content Aware Scale but have not had any luck with that method.

    I have posted the original which shows the image before the crop, then teh second and third are cropped. The second one is where I am in working/progress, and the third one that is marked w/ the red outline to show the area I am working on just for ease of whoever views this.

    Thanks for any help with this.

    Any ideas please?
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    Re: I need help w/ this photo

    It looks to me that you are heading in right direction.
    I just tried to finish it.
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      Re: I need help w/ this photo

      Thanks- What I am after is finding out if there is a better way to remove the open area between and behind the plant other than masking and painting. Doing with the mask layer and brush I am not getting great results.


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        Re: I need help w/ this photo

        With judicious cropping and placement of the cutout flower pot all you would have to mask would be the Banister post and the red flowers.. the pot already has the stairs and just needs to be moved a little bit to the left... if you want to include the shutters on the right then maybe a tiny bit of masking at the top of the flowers, but it blends well .
        Try to stay away from flipping the right side as it is a repeating pattern and looks 'Photoshopped'
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          Re: I need help w/ this photo

          Here is another idea.
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